It’s A New Normal


As you know, we have always taken pride in our infection control standards and the cleanliness of our office. However, you will see some changes when it is time for your next appointment. We made these changes to help protect you, your family, and our staff. Please familiarize yourself with these new protocols prior to your next appointment.

What to Do Before You Arrive:

  • Brush your teeth at home. Our tooth brushing station is currently closed to eliminate transfer of bacteria or viruses.
  • Wear a mask, bandana or scarf to your appointment.
  • If you should feel poorly or have a temperature, we will reschedule your appointment.
  • Complete the supplemental informed consent and health screening forms. Both forms can be found and completed through our secure electronic forms below. *Please note that the supplemental informed consent form only needs to be completed once per patient but the supplemental health screening form needs to completed within 24 hr prior to every visit.

Please Click The Buttons Below To Fill Out And Submit The Secure Online COVID Forms Before Your Appointment:

Pre-Appointment COVID Questionnaire

COVID Informed Consent

Arrival Protocol:

  • Text our office to let us know that you have arrived. Use one of the following numbers depending on which office you are scheduled in:
  • Remain in your car. We will text you back with instructions and let you know when we are ready for you or your child’s appointment.
  • Once you are directed into the office, we will ask you to wear your face covering into the office and use the hand sanitizer provided. A receptionist will greet you with additional instructions.
  • We ask that the patient come into the office by themselves, or accompanied by one parent if needed. Parents will be asked to return to and wait in the car during the appointment.
  • All patients will be screened with a quick questionnaire and a touch-less thermometer

Dismissal from Appointment:

  • The scheduled procedure will be performed.
  • If your child attended the appointment by themselves, we will text you instructions on where to meet them. They will be given a written summary of the appointment and any home instructions.
  • After you return to your car, a receptionist will call you in a couple minutes to schedule the next appointment.